Summer Camp for Curling Clubs

Communities NEED this how you are sharing the game?  Leveraging THE VALUES curling can bring to your  community is a talking point every member of your club should be encouraged and enabled to share. THIS is why I created SUMMER CAMP for CURLING CLUBS

Summer Camp for Curling Clubs
Photo by Immo Wegmann / Unsplash

If you are like most clubs, the season is wrapped up.  The hours that you have dedicated to your club over the last few months are now yours again, to use how you wish.  The question is... what do you want?

I'll confess, there were times as we were building the Traverse City Curling Club, that the last thing I wanted to talk about was curling!  But if you are ready to go all in, the summer is a great time to move forward with your vision. 

If this is the case for you and your club, I have a perfect way for you to optimize your efforts this summer and move you towards your goals faster!  

-Don Piche
A Founder of the Traverse City Curling Club


In speaking to new and emerging arena clubs envisioning a move to dedicated ice, I've identified significant hurdles that clubs face. The good news is they can be overcome. Often the concerns I hear are not the actual problem but rather an effect of an underlying problem.  

  • What is often thought to be money/financial issues may, in fact, be communication issues. 
  • Ensuring you have a clear and understandable vision TO A NON-CURLER is essential. 
  • Having a membership that understands the vision is critical.  Enabling members to take active roles in sharing the vision is magic! 

We learned this building the Traverse City Curling Club.  We paid the dummy taxes so you don't have to.

The values inherent in curling, its accessibility to all ages and abilities and the ever-increasing need for authentic community, make the NEED for curling in your town, and our country,  even more important. 

Communities NEED this how you are sharing the game?  Leveraging THE VALUES curling can bring to your  community is a talking point every member of your club should be encouraged and enabled to share.


Summer Camp for Curling Clubs

A 4-week course designed for club leadership to help move them faster toward their goals. 

I wanna go to SUMMER CAMP

In this "Zoom" format course, we will cover THE BIG THINGS clubs—especially curling clubs—need to do well in order to make a difference and create a massive impact in the community. 

We have heard of clubs almost getting to dedicated ice but they had not developed and nurtured THE BIG THINGS. 

We've seen clubs lose members because the promise of "dedicated ice... next year" didn't quite happen. 

Progress in The BIG THINGS is required BEFORE the dedicated ice dream can become a sustainable reality. The goal is to speed up the process—from arena to dedicated. Or from a start up club to a club ready to find a new home. 

The keys to making this happen in the shortest amount of time evolve around mastering THE BIG THINGS: 

  • Giftedness as a Team
  • Relationship Nurturing/Strategic Partnerships
  • Mission and Vision  
  • Optimizing Engagement/Community Building

The energy you and your club puts into creating and articulating each of these areas will determine the level of your success and the speed at which you can grow into a suitable home. 

Therefore, SUMMER CAMP will require some homework.  I'll share strategies/topics each week after which you and your club leaders (the 1-4 people most active in the process for your club) will create your action steps and review process for each BIG THING. 

The homework will take some heart to heart conversations, so being open and vulnerable will be important.  The more passionate our conversations, the better. 

The leaders in your community that you will be "selling" on a dedicated facility concept will want to see your passion and thought processes way more than your drawings and renderings.   

We will cover 1-2 areas each week for 4 weeks. By fall, you will have a clear knowledge of what talents you need to find for your club, relationships you want to build, a clear and concise mission statement that has meaning to an outsider and strategies for engaging and communicating with your community at large. 

Imagine what having these in place BEFORE you get into your own facility will mean.

No Passion = No Progress

Passion is magnified when your team is sharing the same vision.  

SUMMER CAMP is for leaders who:

  • Envision a dedicated ice facility
  • Lead clubs  in developing their brand, identity and culture
  • See the intrinsic values of curling as a benefit for a community, not just a competitive/recreational outlet
  • Want to make an impact in their community at large
  • Envision a club that local/regional/state leaders perceive as an asset
  • Desire collaborative relationships with other community organizations
  • Recognize that a club is a business, regardless of its tax status. 


WHEN: UMMER CAMP starts on Wednesday JULY 31st for 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm EST

WHO: Club leaders heading the charge to the promised land of dedicated ice

WHY:  Because your community is waiting for YOU to lead

COST:  $49/club

UPGRADE: Get the recordings for each week of SUMMER CAMP.  These will be great tools for new team members, review and clarity.  All 4 weeks for only $99!

SUPERSIZE : Get SUMMER CAMP, all the recordings AND a one hour ONE ON ONE call with me!  We will clarify any hangups your team may have uncovered AND get a chance for your team to "pitch" me on your club!  Pitch me, just like I was a community member who could help you!  And I'll give you helpful feedback on what I heard. 

The value of this exercise is immeasurable! It's like a practice round for your team to succinctly articulate your MISSION and VISION. 

You'll get to know if the story you are telling is what your community is hearing.  (This is a huge roadblock in curling as the general population doesn't understand our language...yet) (Limited to 4 clubs)

SUPERSIZE it all for only $249

My personal guaranteeI have committed this season of my life to help bring this game, and its intrinsic value to create cohesive and caring communities.  I have learned many lessons since my first exposure in 2002, made plenty of mistakes and founded great friendships. 

I am convinced that curling can bring civility and respect back to our communities.  I believe the inherent inclusivity of the game is what makes it genuine.  I also believe that many who play the game underestimate the cultural influence this game can have.  The ethos of curling are what our country needs to heal, to grow and to nurture future generations.   I

t's our lead or to follow.  If you do not receive value in attending SUMMER CAMP, I will refund your fee to your club.  

ARE YOU READY TO GROW?  Respond "I wanna go to SUMMER CAMP" and I'll send you the link to register! I can only take 6 clubs on this journey — assuming clubs will be doing the SUPERSIZE —so ACT FAST.  I will respond to the order in which you show up in my mailbox!