Action Item: Send a post-season survey

Action Item: Send a post-season survey
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

The end of the season is here, or near. This is NOT the time to kick back and chill, but rather it's a time when you can really build a club!

This nudge is so simple it is ridiculous.

We did this after about two years at Traverse City, just to see if our club was sensing what we were.

Send an email to your members

Whether they're members past or present, email everyone. You have to have an "OPEN ME"-type subject line… something catchy so they do, in fact, open it.  Schedule it for the off-season. Here what you ask them:

1) What is the thing you most like about our club?
2) If you didn't curl before joining us, what surprised you the most about this game?
3) Assuming you are like most members of our club, you share this game with lots of folks. What do you tell them about curling?
4) Anything else you think would be important for someone considering joining?

You'll be amazed at the responses you get back!

Be sure you save the comments for use down the line. Investors and donors LOVE to see transparent feedback from the membership.

Put this tool to work for you and your club...a guaranteed great experience.

See you at the top!